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Welcome To Rose's Artwork

Rose's work is vibrant, alive and digs deep into the soul.

Uninhibited and free flowing with a natural exuberance of use of bold, exciting colours, forms and shapes.   Total immersion in exploring the delights of soft pastels and the "Secrets of the Dust". 

Rose with 'A Pear'

Rose creating her latest piece of art during lockdown - 'A Pear".

Rose's art​work "Ice Mist"

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Rose's 'Ice Mist'

Rose's 'Ice Mist' was exhibited at The Grange Gallery in Rottingdean as part of the

Brighton Artists Open Houses 2019. Rose exhibited further pieces of her work this summer 2021 at The Grange. Rose looks forward to exhibiting more of her work, hopefully later this year.