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Rose's Art work was seen at the following exhibitions last summer:

Some of Rose's Chalk Pastel drawings were exhibited at last years Artists United show at 

Fitzroy House in Lewes.

More of Rose's work was also seen at the Ferndale Open Studio and Garden in Cooksbridge where artist Tom Walker and Friends exhibited. Tom has a lovely garden where tea and cake was also enjoyed! 

 This was all part of Lewes Art Wave.

Rose is planning on exhibititing more of her work this summer.  Details to follow.

Rose's Story​

Rose is a 31 year old artist living all her life in East Sussex, UK.

Throughout her early young life and prior to studying A level art at Varndean College, she had always loved the activity of painting and drawing.  Whilst studying art at A level she made many large and small paintings - images of still life, nature and abstract pattern, usually in acrylics, water colour, oil pastels, crayon and pencil.

Through Rose's early adolescence she struggled with mental health issues and found that through her artwork she could express her feelings and quieten her mind, enabling her to relax and get in a state of flow.

Rose began art classes with artist Tom Walker in 2013 at his art studio near Lewes.  It was in these classes that she began to draw using chalk pastels and she was encouraged to work on a much larger scale.  She really enjoyed the immediacy and spontaneity of drawing with chalk pastel and has developed confidence in making larger drawings as well as extending her expressive use of colour.  She continues to independently make large, colourful oil pastel drawings.  She currently draws at home in a beautiful light filled summer house which overlooks her garden.  She works from her intuition, her inner life and her imagination .  

She is also influenced by nature and still life.

Rose is currently exploring working with other mediums and looking forward to sharing this at some point in the coming year.

Rose has sold a number of drawings and paintings into private collections.