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Poem to Rose by John

My passion paints pictures

Waking rapture, no delirium

House of wonder at the bottom of the garden

Artist Rose has a langney studio

Sweet visions, green power, beauty framed ,flame of redemption

Temple of contemplation ,watched over by an angel

True blessing, glowing peace

Summer of pleasure, autumn sunshine

No more longing across the bridge of dreams

Lovely love Rosemary, rich heart, pure eye, creative hands

Dreams of the dust, gardens of tomorrow ,lantern of love

Treasure forever ,forever treasure.

Humble folk of the field, know no fear,

Springing revelation, full of glory is ours today.

Simple spark, art of living light,

Healing waters, nourishment, mighty realisation.

Harvest of happiness

Freedom from drunkenness

Gentle Rose, source of love

Fresh heaven, dancing smile

World of cake and celebration,

Freedom, no boundaries

Rhapsody in my heart

Wonderful love, beautiful excellent Rosemary

Foundation of the cosmos

A heart that never lies

A spark that never dies

Bubbles of joy, blazing contentment, high sky pie

Never again have to try.

Chemical perfection, infinity dear,

Pleasures of reason, pure soul feeling.

Mustard tree, no ceiling

Beautiful bliss, rapturous harmony, vital forever,

Belly sweet, floating fine,

Honeyed life, rhythm of together, priceless time.

Sunshine express, seed in the sky,

Jewels of starlight,

Soul replete, nourishment for the eye

Rainy night railway station, home rapt, satisfied.

Gorgeous, irresistible Rose, flowing paradise,

Radiant allure, caring arms, world of embrace

Healing illumination, sensual safety.